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5 Actionable Tips to Help You Study for long (5+ hours)

By Paul, May 08, 2020

Do you have a difficult time focusing on your studies for extended periods? Do you notice incapability to 'digest' extra information after studying for long hours? Do you encounter persistent fatigue when striving to complete assignments? If your response is yes to any of these questions, you are probably undergoing a study-related burnout.

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Studying for long (if not well done) can cause a lot of stress leading to emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue. Study burnout is prevalent among college and high school learners who strive to absorb too much in short periods. Most of the time, as a learner, you find yourself having a massive course load. The pressure can push you to try studying for long and sometimes even to avoid sleep to complete tasks. You need to learn how to notice the signs of study burnout and take the necessary actions to handle it.

Note that, feeling exhausted doesn't mean you can't be productive. You can study well if you take necessary measures to tackle the fatigue, and still manage to do an incredible job.

The effects of studying for long depends on many factors and also vary among individual learners. Therefore, it is significant to identify your signs of study burnout earlier. The most widespread indications of study burnout include:

1) Intelligence exhaustion

2) Prolonged fatigue

3) Lack of motivation

4) Lack of concentration

5) A decrease in academic performance

How to study for long without getting tired

If you are experiencing any evidence of tiredness when studying for long, you should take the following strategic actions to keep the study burnout away.

Take breaks when studying for long.

Whether you are studying for examinations or doing urgent homework, you must learn to give yourself a good pace. Working on your studies for a long time without breaks can lead to potential burnout. You must try to have a few minutes break after some hours of study time.

Take some time to access fresh air, have a chat with friends, or eat something during your break. Allow your body and brain rest for some time, but remain focused on the task ahead. The best way is to set a time limit for your breaks and work as per the schedule.

Manage your time well

To reduce the probability of burn out during your long studies, you should plan your daily schedule stick to it. You can utilize a regular planner software or application on your device to organize your daily tasks. Keeping a record of your scheduled workouts and assignments also motivates you to finalize them as per your plans.

Eat the right food

Remember, your brain requires the necessary nutrients to work at the extreme potential. Many learners would go for fast foods like chocolates, potato chips, and soda when studying for long hours. Do not do that. Processed foodstuff can make you stagnant. Instead, go for a decent food packed protein, fruits, and vegetables. Also, drink enough water, and you will be surprised at how active and fresh you'll feel.

Get Enough sleep

Many students or learners are famous for not having enough sleep as required to push their performance to the limit. It is not acceptable. If you do not sleep enough, you develop consistent stress that can result in severe burnout.

The effects of sleeping for less than 8 hours may be evident after some time, if not immediately. You must try as much as possible to sleep for approximately 8 hours per night to perform well in your studies daily.

Be physically active

If you want to avoid fatigue when studying for long hours, then learn to be fit and remain active physically. You should introduce a few minutes of body workout, stretching, or aerobics regularly. Doing those exercises helps you relieve your nerves to be extra focused on your tasks.

To sum it up, you need to keep in mind that studying for long is normal for many learners. It is not easy to avoid it. The big issue is how you manage the actual process of studying as you avoid burnout. As discussed, you must perform all the necessary actions to prevent burning out when studying for long hours.

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