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By Cornelious, April 18, 2020

Have you ever felt like your luck has been drained from you? I woke up beaming, you would too if your brother was getting married and you were about to get your driver's license. It was one of those occasional days when it felt good to wake up early. I even surprised myself with a morning run. Yeah, I was that excited. I knew my sixteenth birthday present would be a car so I flew across the yard feeling like I was on a highway cruising at sixty miles per hour. First of all, my religiousness begins and ends with the belief in God; but karma, that is a whole new topic. This explains why I felt the hair at the back of my neck rise when I tripped over a dead black cat. All of a sudden it all felt wrong. I had a sense of misfortune like a dark cloud looming over me.

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You better believe what they say about karma. That day she was really picking on me. It started with the phone call. Just steps away from the ill omen cat my cell had rung. It was my buddy Sam but when he started talking his voice was like the echo in a ghost house. He had just been called by Mr. Ben from high school. That was when I remembered the test. That Sam was calling me about school stuff already gave me the creeps. We were to face the disciplinary board on accounts of cheating. I had never had trouble with a test before, in fact, I thrived in an exam room. Why else would I be a senior when I was only fifteen?

"damn it, Sam, I warned you not to copy from me" That is all I said in response.

I had to find a place to rest as my feet were instantaneously sour. This had nothing to do with the jog and everything to do with my dream of joining Harvard for college. I was oblivious of everything else at that instance, not even the ghost steal speaking in my ear was audible. It was half an hour later that I came to and decided to pull myself together and face it. I was a first-time offender honestly they would not hang me for that. I pulled myself together and finished the rest of my run drugging my sour feet along.

Back home, I took my breakfast halfheartedly and it was probably a record in itself. The first time since time immemorial for a member of the family not to finish a break first burrito. I sulkily walked to the parking lot where dad, already impatient, paced nervously. He glared at me obviously at the brink of an outburst but the mood rubbed on him. He is not quite the psychic and I at times had to point it out for him when mum was mad at him. He just could not read faces, that he read mine was tell-tale. More than his inability to read emotions was his inability to communicate. So the drive to my driving test was silent.

The instructor took me to the vehicle gave me a basic instruction review and wished me well. I had the full score for the theory questions so he knew I was an excellent driver. He definitely was bored with the routine. A kid had been well trained but had to do the formality to obtain his license and he happened to administer that formality. If it had always been a joyride for him then he had never had a kid with anxiety attack and a dream wrecking fantasy in mind. As soon as I turned the ignition it hit him. My hands were all shaky and out of the blue, he was all jittery. This made it worse because he started yelling the instructions. His words in my head did turns and somersault joining Sam's ghost voice. Together they completed the ghost house so at that point you could say I was haunted. Instead of the drive gear, I engaged the reverse gear. The ghost yelled breaks, I went for the gas pedal. The vehicle smashed into a wall behind us as the instructor took over the wheel restored normalcy and yanked me out of the car by my neck.

Again it was a silent ride back home after obviously flanking my second test in a row. I should at this point remind you that I was used to congratulations and cards all the way since kindergarten. I had mentioned my brother's wedding at the beginning. Well, that never happened too. We got home to find my elder brother Billy crying. His fiancée had developed cold feet so the wedding that was to be the day after became the day never. The lady karma in her pursuit for a nice time had decided the whole family was one pawn in her game and she had sacrificed us for something we will never know. But to this day I am never crossing a black cat. By now you get what am trying to say. If it is your unlucky day just suck it up. I eventually got my driver’s license and graduated high school high and mighty while Billy is happily married.

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