September 18, 2019
High paying online Jobs for College students

10 High-paying Online Jobs for College Students with no Experience

Trevor knew that stars were shining upon him when Mayra agreed to be his girl. He still couldn’t believe it! He fell in love with Mayra the moment he saw her during the admission day. She looked so beautiful, like an angel who had been sent to entice the boy child. Everywhere she went, guys gaped at her. But more than stare and lose his mind, Trevor went an extra mile and offered to help show her around as she filled the necessary documents. As fate would have it, Mayra had also taken a fancy at him and when he […]
September 17, 2019
Buy CPA Notes

Buy Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Notes from Unified Class (From CPA 1 to CPAK)

Are you planning to study Certified Public Accountants (CPA) or already doing CPA? Well, I have interesting news for you. Previous students and team of educators from Unified Class have collected and curated up to date CPA notes online and revision materials that you can use to study, revise and prepare accurately to ace KASNEB CPA examinations in all sections from CPA 1 to CPA K. Access CPA notes online for CPA section 1, CPA section 2, CPA section 3, CPA section 4, CPA section 5, and CPA section 6. You can also find free CPA past papers with practice […]
September 14, 2019
How to take notes

How to effectively take notes During a Lecture or Studying a Text Book

Note-taking is a crucial skill for students as most of the learning takes place in a class where you are required to take notes. Taking notes is crucial for two main reasons. First… It allows you to understand and learn the presented material thus making it easier for you to recall information that would otherwise be lost. Secondly… Taking good notes help you to keep a permanent record of key information that you can use in your own writing and for exam revision. Good notes help one to easily prepare for exams by providing summarized, main points of your entire […]